How to Catch Fish on the Texas Coast

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How to Catch Fish on the Texas Coast

The Texas gulf coast is quickly becoming one of the hottest spots for inshore and flats fishing. Anglers targeting redfish, trout, flounder and black drum have discovered the Texas coast is a hot spot for these species of fish all year and the number of fishermen on the waters in this area is sky rocketing.

Wade Fishing and Shoreline Fishing

wade fishing

One of the primary ways people go about fishing this area is off the shorelines and wade fishing this gives you access to a lot of the fishing waters and depending on the area you can reach a lot of good fishing structure by wade fishing such as oyster reefs and mangrove islands. Wade fishing can be a lucrative way to fish on the gulf coast because it allows you to slowly work the area and have a real sense of where the fish are and where they are feeding.

Boat Fishing

Another common way people go fishing is on their own or a friend’s boat. On the Texas coast there is miles of shallow flats and boats have been specifically designed to fish these area so be careful which type of boat you use. The benefits are obvious boats are a lot of fun you get to have a good time with friends and family and it extends the waters you have access to fish by a huge amount. It also allows you to get to more remote areas that have less fishing pressure and should give you more fish per person in the area then shoreline fishing does.

Using a Fishing Guide

The most effective method for ensuring you catch the game fish you are after like redfish, trout and flounder is to hire a professional fishing guide or fishing charter. When a member of our staff recently went on vacation to Rockport Texas he used this method and hired Ingleside Fishing Charter one of the highest rated fishing guides in Rockport Texas they also have fishing guides in Corpus Christi Texas. This is a great way to fish because they supply everything. All you need to do is wake up and drive to the boat ramp. The fishing guide supplies the boat, tackle, fishing gear, bait and everything else you need to have a successful fishing trip. It is very convenient for people traveling or on vacation because you don’t have to pack all of that or buy more when you already have fishing gear at home. You need to make sure you check the fishing guide offers the type of fishing you want to do and that they use bait or don’t use bait as well as if they let you keep the fish or do catch and release.


Just Go Fishing

No matter how you decide to go fishing you simply cannot go wrong. Fishing is a great outdoor activity and you will have a fun time. We highly recommend you get with your friends and family and plan your next vacation and or fishing trip to the Texas coast and enjoy some of the most beautiful scenery on the gulf coast.

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How To Fish In Freshwater

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How To Fish In Freshwater

If you are a “freshmen” in fishing and you don’t want to end up without your catch, then you definitely should do some research before you decide to go fishing. First of all, you have to know that the most important thing for fishing is to choose the right bait during the proper part of the year. The second thing you should know is that it is not the same principle for saltwater or freshwater fish. If you made a decision to go fishing in freshwater, then you should read this article with the best fishing advice that you are going to find on the internet.
Firstly, you have to be aware that fishing outdoors like offshore fishing, for example, has to be safe in the first place. Safe equipment is a half of a job and a good boat is the first thing that you are going to need. It has to be equipped with leak alarm system or made of materials that wouldn’t sink so easy.

There are a lot of freshwater habitats that you can catch. You should know that you can catch the same fish in so many different ways. You just have to choose which one is the most suitable to you.
What kind of technique you are going to use depends on what type of water you are going to visit.

If you are a fan of pond fishing, then you have to know that this is definitely the simplest type of fishing.

Here the most popular type of fish is so-called sunfish. We are talking about pan fish, white and black crappie and so on. The pan fish is the easiest to catch.

This type of fishing is ideal for beginners because it doesn’t require some special effort. So basically you can fish from the shore or a boat and can a very profitable catch at the same time. It doesn’t require any special technology and there is no need for any kind of some special energy or effort here. It only requires some basic things such as bobber, cheap rod and some earthworms.
After you have learned some basic things about fishing, you can accept a challenge and go for some bigger achievement. In other words – you can go lake fishing. For this form of fishing, you have to be prepared better. There are some additional equipment and techniques that you are going to need if you decide to go for this probably the most popular type of fishing. When I say additional, I mean of all kind of gadgets and lures, fishing boats and others kinds of fishing “toys”. The best fishing toys is certainly a boat that allows you to move around and find the desired fish. There are a lot of lakes that you can visit.

The most popular in the USA is Allatoona Lake in Georgia, while Joe Pool Lake is the most popular in Texas. They both have a lot of parks around their shores so the pleasure is complete.
Your choice of lake is going to depend on what kind of fish you are going to catch. Small pan fishes, white and black crappies are most common for pond fishing and largemouth bass, sturgeon and striped bass are most common for lake fishing.

You should know that you can catch the same fish in so many different ways. You just have to choose which one is the most suitable to you.

It’s up to you to decide which one you are going to catch. Lake fishing is very popular among experienced anglers.

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How To Not Let your Boat Sink – Boat Leak Warning System

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How To Not Let your Boat Sink – Boat Leak Warning System

Of course, the thought of a boat sinking is frightening. In fact, it is a terrifying thought for most people. This is because you might only have tuned your mind that sinking can only happen in the high seas. Forget the Titanic and the other major tragedies that have happened over the centuries, the sinking of a boat at the marina is realer than you can imagine. Statistics show that more boats sink while docked than when journeying.
It is important to protect your boat at all costs especially because the investment involved is quite colossal. What you need to achieve this goal is to invest in a good reliable Boat Leak Warning System from a credible company. Many people leave their boats safely docked at the marina only to return and find their expensive investment sinking or already sunk. Well, the obvious question to ask oneself is why the bilge pump did not work as it should.

Much as the bilge is supposed to pump water out when the boat floods, it is also prudent to consider that even the bilge can have defects. It is, therefore, important to regularly inspect this all important boats equipment. It is quite common to find that a bilge pump can hide a problem for a long time until it gets completely clogged to perform anymore.
When your boat is docked, ensure that you visit it at least twice every season. Don’t just hop on board and look on the surface. Look everywhere that can get damaged by water. Check whether the bilge is working and whether there is any leakage. You can also have the marina’s manager check the boat for you regularly. However, this is often done at an extra cost.
Invest in a bilge system that will ensure that your boat never sinks whether when you are onboard or away. Check for a system that has good buttons and a reliable test button. Where possible, look for a system which combines all the buttons into one. Such a button, when pressed, should do the overall test. This helps at ensuring that your boat stays afloat at all times whenever the test button returns positive results. The good thing about such a button is that it’s synchronized with every part of the boat’s electronic system hence making any fault in the boat identifiable.
It is important to note that a boat that is bound to sink while underway would definitely do so when docked. However, while underway, there is the risk of the boat meeting up with debris and hence getting damaged hence increasing the risk of sinking. Still, it is important to ensure that you make your boat as safe as possible.
A paramount that a boat leak alarm system detects a leak in time. This should definitely be before the electric system, the bilge, and even the boat is flooded with water. A 5-second siren is sufficient as you will be able to act on the leak and get everyone wear the life-saving attire.

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